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Saddles Riding Centre offers horse riding lessons and hacking for adults, children and even groups.



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Membership scheme
As from jan 2021 we are introducing a membership scheme.
All clients who have ridden with us anytime in 2020 will have automatic
membership until 31/12/2021.

Membership fee £50 per year.
Below you can find the Members and Non Members pricelists (PDF files).|


Members pricelist Non Members pricelist

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Pony Days


Pony Days Members Non Members
  £55 £57



Pony Club


Membership is available with National Pony Club via our riding centre.


Pony Club is a fantastic extra to just riding lessons, this teaches the members to learn all about the care and welfare of the ponies and collect achievement badges along the way. There are different levels of Pony Club and different exams that members can take.


We offer riding sessions and theory sessions each week and there is a discount if they participate in both.


  PC Members riding PC Non Members riding PC Members Theory PC Non Members theory PC Members riding and theory combined PC Non Members riding and theory combined
30 minutes £17 £20 £17 £20 £30 £37
50 minutes £22 £25 £22 £25 £40 £47



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